Bille et Plume Design is an Interior Architecture design firm specializing in children. We design everything "from the walls in," providing consultation, custom designed furnishings and accessories. We can also help you with creative solutions on a limited budget.

All ages--infant, toddler, child, pre-teen, teen, and even young adult--grow and develop personality, sensitivity, curiosity, appreciation and kindness in response to their environment. A space that is gentle and safe can foster and encourage these values in a tangible way, every day.
Childhood is a special time to grow, dream, explore, imagine, and to create. At Bille et Plume, we design environments that are uniquely suitable based on age, personality, character, and interests. Our long practice in craftsmanship, architecture, and design training, and our own experiences as moms contribute to the design concepts and realization of our interior designs for your children.
Bille et Plume is focused on the well being of children, to create a world in which theme, color, volume, atmosphere, texture and light create spaces that are functional and fun to use.